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Someone i know fucks skull eyesockers

Fragments: Part 4765.73110

Things have been slow for the longest time, but now things in the multiverse are changing rabidly in a flux of future revelation coloring on infrared spectrums and with radio waves intermitting sounds of anguish, despair, misery, thankfulness. Conflicting emotions intertwines in a ball or yellow lead cstalized into tiny events of immense psychological importance on a macro level of society in its overall greenish gery with it’s creeping black plague of Europe death spread across this os so great land of ours. This is the end and the burgeoning beginning of bombastic, bombarding cross hairs of infinite possibilities.
These are the glory times. Never to be forgotten in lore, or perhaps its just delusion, fanciful thinking, too much coffee. The future is ahead. Some may think the man mad. And maybe he is, but he is also wise. Dreary constipation as I shit love out my ass and flush it down a piss stained yellow toilet. Its gone, so gone. No trust anymore, much like the wind as it blows like mist through beautiful sandscapes in mindscapes jungles of synapses. Beware! Fire! But its alright, it never got fucked up enough for me.
Time to ponder, sit and stare, much like a certain girl did each hour of the morning. Hard to get your thoughts straight when the facts are fags. Lies covered with cum. Sorry to go rude on you and everything, a man motherfucker! The insects have invaded, sleep deprivation induced bewilderment of the world has set in, the jaded cocoon 2 has flew the coup. Its quite easy to write, to say, but not to speak, as you go on the phone uttering deceitful, or more commonly, neutral “yeahs” and “okays”. There is room is the world for both of us, but not room in one room for us. One must make a decision about these things...”should I stay or should I go,” never had to be answered. It was decided for me in advance. On the 29th of December most possibly, on technological golden wings of informational cosmitacal bliss. Bless the skies of dismal and unfortunate proportions of inaccurate portrayals of disappoint, beyond belief to say the smallest the greatest thing. So I go, she wanders about in a frenzied heroin induced daze of wrecked cars and innocent families torched in house fires and burned, charred flesh making stretch marks on a pregnant woman look like pink rainbows uopn the horizon.
Its all here, or will be, every sordid detail. No stops, down to the nitty gritty of the nutsell stomped upon by jackboots roasting on a open fire. Christmas it was, an went, and then New years well spent; by me. Celebrating out a broken bathroom window in a abandoned apartment complex, my fireworks were my cigarettes, the explosions my exhale. Resolution to resolve all conflicting contiuning issues of verbal astonishment and a cease and desist to all disinformation.
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