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Shitting Out of a Asshole
by Rev. Sternodox
Once upon a time this guy shit on this other guy's head. Then the
other guy took the shit and fucked it before squirting it back in the
first guy's mouth. Then the first guy shit some more and threw it at
the second guy. Then that guy took all the shit and put it in his
butt and then shit it out again and threw it at the first guy again.
Then the first guy vomited and shit in the vomit and threw it all on
the other guy. Then this other guy comes up and pulls down his pants
and shits and picks up the shit and throws it all on the other two
guys. Then the first guy teams up with the second guy and picks up a
big pile of shit and lobs it at the new guy and it goes all in his
mouth. Then the new guy pukes because of the shit all in his mouth
and picks up the puke and puts it in both the other guys' mouths and
assholes. Then all three of them have to fart real bad but instead
they just shit all over themselves. Then another guy comes over who
is in the process of shitting and he takes a real messy runny shit
that is hard to pick up but he uses a snow shovel and picks it up and
throws it on the other guys. So these two other guys show up and they
have already been shitting all on themselves and so they take some of
the shit on them and put it on the guy who showed up before them and
all in his mouth. So the second guy who was one of the ones who was
there first starts to shit again and smears it all over his ass and
then runs and jumps and puts his ass on one of the guys who just got
there's face. So then everybody has to shit and they all shit at
exactly the same time and the first two guys grab up all the shit and
smear it all in the other guys' mouths and noses. Then the fifth guy
who was there decided to shit again and he did and picked up the
turds in his hands and smeared it all over the face of the first guy.
Then two new guys crashed their helicopter in the middle of them and
they were shitting in the helicopter all day so it was completely
filled with eight tons of shit and it went all over the guys on the
ground. Then the pilot jumps out and shits on his co-pilot's head and
takes some of the shit and throws it at the other guys. Then the
other guys gang up on the helicopter pilot and co-pilot and throw all
the shit on them mixed with vomit. So soon everybody was shitting in
everybody else's mouths and noses and were all buried in shit. Then
this cute girl walks by with an Uzi and blows all their shit away but
not the real shit because that's just a euphemism for killing those
guys and then she ate all the shit while this guy on the roof jacked
off while watching her.

The End